Friday 2 October 2020

Owlcrate September 2020 Unboxing


This is my very first Owlcrate box (and book box actually) and I ordered it because I absolutely adored the theme of September which is A GLORIOUS HAUNTING and I may have also managed to work out what book was going to be included which basically sealed the deal and had me impatiently waiting for the waitlist emails to go out! It is a bit on the pricey side considering I'm in the UK so the shipping is ridiculous but I decided to give myself an early birthday treat. I really loved the theming of this box, all the items are things that I will use and they're all really well made and perfect for the autumn months. Read on to find out what items were included in this months box!


The first thing that I pulled out of the box was the softest blanket I've ever felt! This artwork is based on Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven, features the full text of the poem and was designed by Michelle Gray. I genuinely gasped when I spotted this as I was sure fate was playing a part as only about an hour before I had added the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe onto my birthday wishlist, so obviously this was meant to be! I will for sure be using this blanket as it's suddenly become very chilly here in England and i'm already in my hot chocolate and hot water bottle stage of the year!

Next, we have this lovely candle made by Novelly Yours. This is of course Hocus Pocus themed with the candle being named The Black Flame Candle which I just adore. I love the packaging but unfortunately I'm not a massive fan of the scent. It's vanilla and bourbon and for some reason I just don't find it very pleasing, maybe it's because I don't particularly like alcoholic scents. I haven't made up my mind about whether or not I'll be lighting this or just keeping it for decoration.

Next, we have this little lip balm from Fiction Bath Co. It's called Sleepy Hollow and is Pumpkin Spice Latte scented. I'm normally not a fan of pumpkin spice flavoured/scented things but I don't actually mind this one, it's not overpowering at all. I'll be adding this to my neverending collection of lip balms but I might pop it into my everyday bag seeing as it is autumn and what's more representative of autumn than pumpkin spice?!  

I then picked out this super cute box which contained these even cuter skull shaped coffee spoons. I'm not sure who made these as it's not mentioned on the spoiler card but I really love the design. I don't actually drink coffee but i'll definitely get some use out of these as hot chocolate spoons instead!

We then have the montly pin that is always included with Owlcrate (I really need to get myself a pin banner because I have acquired a lot of pins lately!) and this was inspired by this months box and designed and made by The Pickety Witch! My photo is really bad, apologies for the bad lighting, but this pin is super gorgeous, I love the design and it will take pride of place in my pin collection.

The last item included in this box is by far my favourite. It's the cutest bookmark I've ever seen and was designed and made by Lapels and Spells. I just adore the design and in particular the phrase 'death before DNF' which I think is really clever! I will say that the chain is a little short for a bookmark so this may only work with shorter books instead of massive hardbacks but I'm going to try and use it as much as possible this month.

Lastly, we have the book! This month's book is Horrid by Katrina Leno and honestly this book is so so beautiful. I was a little worried about the cover redesign because I do really like the original but seeing it in person, I think the red really makes it stand out and makes it pop against the more pale colours. This cover is exclusive and the book is also signed which I was also thrilled about! I really can't wait to dive into this book unfortunately I'm going to have wait until November because my October TBR is already packed to bursting. I know I'm going to love it and it's going to be perfect for the spooky season.

This month we also have a reversible dust jacket with the most stunning art by Rena Illustration, which again my photos do not do justice at all! This is apparently inspired by a scene in the book and gah, it really is just incredible to look at. Rena's art style is beautiful and really suited this month's theming.

Finally we have the little preview card for next month's box. October's theme is LEGENDS & LORE and I think i'm going to carry on my monthly subscription because again I worked out what the book is going to be and it's one I've been anticipating. There's also a little preview of what's to come from a fabric designer who will be designing an item for the box and honestly, I love their art style already!

So that's everything included in the September box. I was a little worried I wouldn't get my money's worth because of how expensive it was but honestly I'm really impressed. I loved the theming of all the items and they're also items which I will genuinely get use out of! I can't wait to find out what's included in Octobers box! Happy Reading!  


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