Saturday 13 January 2018

Recent Purchases #1

I’m one of those incredibly nosey people who love seeing what other people have been buying and loving recently. I’m hoping these mini haul posts will become a regular thing on the blog as they’re some of my favourite posts to read. I’m going to apologise for my photo’s now though, I’m still working my way around my camera. It also doesn’t help that my room at uni only has one window which is directly in front of my bed so there’s only one good spot to take pictures with natural light. Hopefully there’ll be an improvement soon as I figure out where’s best to take pictures.


Saturday 6 January 2018

6 Shows I Wish Were On Netflix

Netflix UK have recently added Friends to their selection of TV and movies and I couldn't be more excited to binge watch it whilst neglecting all my school work. However, I saw a lot of people still requesting other shows to to be added such as The Office US. It got me thinking about some of the TV programmes that I'd love to be on Netflix so I could watch them to my hearts content. It's one of the only places I can freely watch what I want, unless I choose to stream it online (shh, don't tell) which can sometimes be a pain in the ass particularly trying to find sites that are fast and safe. I own a few boxsets but my new laptop doesn't have a CD-rom and I have no DVD player at university. So, I came up with 6 shows that i'd love to be on Netflix. Netflix, if you're reading this, do me a favour and add some of these for me! I'll be your best friend?

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