Saturday 4 May 2019

April 2019 Reading Wrap Up

I managed to pull myself out of a massive reading slump in April so i'm quite happy that I managed to read 7 books in total. It's been a decent reading month but I have a feeling this month is going to be even better, a lot of it being down to the fact that I got approved for some amazing books on Netgalley which i'm really excited to get stuck into. I was thrilled when I saw because I haven't been approved for any books before so hopefully my good luck will continue. Anyway, onto the books I read in April...

The Marriage Plot by Jeffret Eugenides

I picked this up in my local library as I've already read The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex is one I've wanted to read for a while. This book wasn't as intriguing as The Virgin Suicides, the characters weren't particularly likable and there wasn't a discernable plot other then that two men are in love with the same women. We get to see each of their POV throughout the book but I still didn't really care how the love triangle would end. I really enjoyed Eugenides writing style but overall it didn't leave a lasting impression.   

One Word Kill & Limited Wish (Impossible Times Series #1 & 2)  by Mark Lawrence 

This is a really fun fantasy/sci-fi series that I started after I read the first book through Kindle First and then spotted that the second was available to read on Netgalley. This is a really fast paced series with a lot going on, it deals with time-travel, cancer diagnoses and plenty of dungeons and dragons. It's very scientific and I'll admit some of the terminology used got completely lost on me but if you're not a math whiz (like me) don't let that put you off, it's pretty easy to follow and you get completely caught up in it. I'm really excited to see how Nick's journey ends in the third and final book, unfortunately it isn't out until November but i'm already counting down the days. You can read my full review of One Word Kill here and my full review of Limited Wish here.

Final Girls by Riley Sager

This is one of those books where you're wholly invested for the entire book and then the ending just completely disappoints you. I'm not the biggest fan of horror films but I really loved the premise of this book, it follows Quincy who survived a massacre years earlier and her attempts to discover the truth about that night and the death of a fellow 'final girl'. There were a few twists that I guessed early on and then some others that I totally wasn't expecting but the big reveal at the end is what let me down with this one.

Atonement by Ian McEwan

My highest rated read of the month and for good reason. McEwan's writing is gorgous and so detailed, the plot could be a little slow at times but the events keep you reading on. I can understand how some people wouldn't like this book but I was fascinated by the characters and by Robbie and Cecelia's romance. The ending is heart-wrenching but understandable once you understand how these characters work.

Watch Us Rise by Renée Watson and Ellen Hagan

I just posted my review for this and I explain in more detail how whilst I enjoyed the premise of the book and the way it incorporates poetry into the plot, one of the characters really got on my nerves and some of the ways it attempted to portray feminism didn't sit right with me. It's a very empowering book that looks at racism, women's rights and grief but some elements didn't work for me. You can find my full review of Watch Us Rise here.

The Truth About Lies by Tracy Darnton

This was my lowest rated book of the month, nothing about this one really grabbed my attention. I initally picked it up in the library due to the fact that I wanted to read more UK YA and the plot seemed intriguing. I didn't like any of the characters in this book and the writing was only average as well, everything moved too fast and nothing was developed properly especially the ending. I only didn't rate it lower because I enjoyed reading about the main character's memory condition and there were times when I felt it picked up a bit. You can read my full review of The Truth About Lies here.

So those are the books I read in April. Have you read any of these or are any on your TBR? What did you read in April? Leave your links to your own April wrap-ups so I can check them out!  


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