Friday 14 June 2019

Mini Book Review | A Little Princess by Frances Hodgeson Burnett

Title: A Little Princess
Author: Frances Hodgeson Burnett
Genre: Children's Classic
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Sara Crewe seemed just like a real princess... When Sara Crewe arrives at Miss Minchin's London boarding school, she seems just like a real little princess. She wears beautiful clothes, has gracious manners, and tells the most wonderful stories. Then one day, Sara suddenly becomes penniless. Now she must wear rags, sleep in the school's dreary attic, and work for her living. Sara is all alone, but keeps telling herself that she can still be a princess inside, if only she tries hard enough.



My Thoughts

Suprisingly I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I was going to. I absolutely adore the film and I just thought this would be a nice little heartwarming story but in the end I think it translated a lot better onto the screen. Maybe it's because I grew up with the 1995 film version and I'm so familiar with the story that it stopped me from being able to see the plot through new eyes.

A lot of it is pretty similar, the characters and the setting and most of the major plot points are there. It still has that kind of magical childlike wonder about it and I still love the message behind it. Sara was so resilient throughout, she made the best of every situation and she never stopped being kind or hopeful.   

One thing I did dislike about it was how different the ending was. I loved the ending of the film but the original is slightly different and it disappoint me a little. It did work with the story but the version in the film is so uplifting and beautiful that I was surprised when it didn't play out like that in the book. I also miss Sara telling all the other girls at the academy her imaginative stories set in India, I just remember them being so vibrant in the film.  

Overall a little disappointing but it's a classic for a reason and I'm sure the story will live on for a long time.  

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