Monday 1 October 2018

So, I'm Not The Best At Blogging

I’ve had this blog for a year and yet I’ve only posted a handful of times. It started off great, I was posting semi-regularly between September and December but when the new year hit my blogging motivation seemed to cease to exist. I just couldn’t get myself to open word or pick up my camera, I had zero inspiration to write or take pictures and therefore I simply put it all to the back of my mind.
Around July I got some fleeting ideas and even managed to post something on the blog with other ideas floating around. It was summer, and I had days out and other activities planned that I hoped I could create some blog posts about. But alas, as soon as they came they were gone again, and I was back to being in my slump.

When it came around to the one-year anniversary of my blog and I still hadn’t managed to post any new content I simply chalked it up to starting my 2nd year of university and therefore I wouldn’t have as much time to plan anything or draw up ideas. 

But today (in the shower of course, where all the best ideas occur) I decided I needed a kick up the ass to get myself back in the blogging game. I’d forgotten how much I’d enjoyed it when I first started and now I really want to get myself back into that mindset. I started this blog as a creative outlet, somewhere I could express myself through writing and photography and share some of my passions with myself. 

This time around I’m not going to put as much pressure on myself as I did when I first started. I thought everything had to be perfect the first time around and forgot that this whole thing is a journey and I’m going to progress and grow along the way. I was constantly comparing myself to all those blogs that had been around for ages, the one that looked gorgeous but with brilliant content and beautiful photography that always looks incredibly professional. I think it’s time to stop the comparisons, to just post about what I want and decided for myself when I want to post it.

I’m not going to be scared anymore.                  

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