Sunday 3 December 2017

Christmas Jumper Wishlist

I love a good Christmas jumper. Whether it's emblazoned with a pun or it's kept super simple, it's a tradition that my family all wear one on boxing day when we gather for our post-Christmas buffet. I've been on the lookout for an affordable but still festive jumper that I can wear this year and managed to find a load from shops on the high street. It's been hard to pick one therefore I've compiled my favourites into a list and hopefully I'll be able to wittle it down with some help.

1. £20 from Matalan. So my first pick isn't massively festive as personally I think Fair Isle works for pretty much the whole of winter or any cold weather for that matter. I like the pattern and it's simplicity though so I feel like I might buy this anyway but not wear it specifically at Christmas. Buy it here.

2. £15 from I feel like I see a version of this sweater everywhere. There's always someone on my Instagram feed wearing a jumper with this quote on it around Christmas and I think it's time I owned one myself. Most of my picks are grey as well so it's nice to have something in a bright colour too. Buy it here.

3. £60 from John Lewis. A bit on the pricey side but I love how fun this is. It's not something I'd wear usually as I'm generally quite safe with my fashion choices and I'd be worried it wouldn't suit me but hey, it's Christmas. Buy it here.

1. £28 from Next. I think this is probably the one that I'm most likely going to choose. I love the design and the cheeky message. It also looks super comfy and if it's from Next it's bound to be good quality. Buy it here.

2. £20 from George at Asda. Ok, so technically this is a "men's" jumper but like I care about that. It's Star Wars. It's Chewbacca. It lights up. Need I say more? Buy it here.

3. £17.99 from H&M. I thought this was adorable, I didn't see too many Disney Christmas jumpers when I scrolling online which was a shame but I found this one at a really good price. It's wintery without being tacky and too over the top about it. Buy it here.

So those are my favourites so far. Would you consider buying any of these or have you found the perfect Christmas jumper already? Let me know in the comments please!

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