Sunday 10 December 2017

Christmas Gift Guide | Furry Friends

Why should humans be the only ones that receive Christmas presents? Pets deserve something special or a little treat on Christmas morning too and the great thing about these gifts is that they won't break the bank either. Depending on how much you want to spend there's a variety of presents to choose from, from treats to toys there's bound to be something to match your budget that your furry friend will love.

For Dogs

1. £20 from Pets at Home. This soft red and white Fairisle blanket will give something for your pooch to snuggle up in as the colder weather approaches. Just try not to steal it from them once you realise how cosy it actually is! Buy it here.

2. £10 from Pets at Home. Swap a plain collar for this super festive one. The colour scheme and reindeer design will look great on any pet. Buy it here. 

3. £3.99 from These Pawmesan dog treats look delicious (Don't worry, I don't go around stealing my dog's food. They don't look that good!) and almost too good to eat. They're made from oats and rye flour with a cheesy flavour and will be good for keeping your dog distracted whilst you're having your own Christmas dinner! However, do keep in mind that the product says it's not to be fed to puppies under six months.  Buy them here. 

4. £7.49 from WaitrosePet. These adorable squeaky dog toys will hopefully keep your pet entertained for hours and with extra durability, fingers crossed they're not ripped to shreds within the first couple of minutes! Buy them here.  

For Cats

5. £3.50 from Pets at Home. I know my cats absolutely loved these things and it provided them with hours of entertainment so why not treat your kitten to this festive designed one. Just beware though, those feathers are going to go everywhere! Buy it here.

6. £6 from Pets at Home. Pets at Home is always my first hoice when looking for gifts for my pets and they have a great range this year at really affordable prices. This Christmas tree shaped cat scratcher is a practical choice for any cat. Buy it here.

7. £6.99 from John Lewis. These jingle toys are each filled with catnip and come in three festive characters, snowman, reindeer and santa. You'll be prising these out of their paws. Buy it here.

8. £2.49 from John Lewis. For something edible, try these luxury turkey heart shaped treats. They're made from real turkey and even come in a resealable pouch to keep them fresh. They're the perfect size for a bite-size treat. Buy them here.

For Smaller Animals   

9. £4 from Pets at Home. This adorable cosy pouch is a great place for your furry friend to snuggle up in and will look great as a new addition to their home. According to the Pets at Home website this pouch is ideal for Rats, Gerbils, Syrian Hamsters, Dwarf Hamsters and Mice. Buy it here.

10. £3.99 from WaitrosePet. Despite looking super cute, I wouldn't get too attached to this little guy as this is the perfect gift for your pet to sink their teeth into, literally. This gnaw toy also features a rattan ball in the middle and is a great present for smaller animals like mice and hamsters to enjoy. Buy it here.       

So, there's a little round up of some potential gifts for your pets. It is a little disappointing that whilst there are plenty of products available for cats and dogs, there's not much for smaller animals and definately not anything specific which is why there's only two options on this list.
If you own a smaller pet have you found any treats for them that you'll be picking up this Christmas? Is there any great dog or cat toys that I should know about? Please let me know in the comments!    

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