Wednesday 27 April 2022

WWW Wednesday | 27/04/2022

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by 
Taking On a World of Words that highlights three questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you'll read next?

What did you recently finish reading?

I loved The Outlaws Scarlett & Browne by Jonathan Stroud so much! A little bit of wild west, a little dystopia and a dash of fantasy, it all came together so well. It was such a fun adventure story with witty characters and action around every corner. It's only my second 5 star read of the year so far and it deserves every one of those stars. I can't wait for the sequel to be released in June.

What are you currently reading?

I started Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth on Monday, not got too far into it but I'm already not sure about it if I'm honest. We're basically following this woman in her mid-30's who is struggling with adulthood. I'm just not keen on Jenny (the MC) and her personality. She's so focused on social media and how she's perceived and the way she goes about things is just odd. But maybe that's the point 🤷. Let's just hope it picks up. 

Still working my way through Dead End Girls by Wendy Heard although I need to get myself in gear if I want to have it read and reviewed by the time the blog tour rolls around. The plot is interesting (two girls fake their deaths and make an escape to start a new life) but I'm just not feeling the intrigue yet. Fingers crossed that the second half cranks up the anticipation. 

I just started The Black Book of Secrets by F.E. Higgins yesterday as my new audiobook as I wanted something fun and mysterious but still light and I thought this ticked all those boxes. A boy becomes an apprentice to a pawnbroker who swaps cash for secrets, just sounds like a fun time. I'm a bit annoyed with myself though as I've listened to about an hour and yet my mind was wandering most of the time so I'm already a bit lost. Might have to go back and relisten to some chapters... 😬    

What do you think you'll read next?

I'm planning on doing a reread of one of my childhood favourites next as I recently bought a copy second hand. I adored Whispering to Witches by Anna Dale as a preteen so I'm hoping to still enjoy it as much as I did then. 

A short holiday with his mother turns out very differently for Joe than he could have imagined when he left home. Soon he is embroiled in a world of witchcraft, a world where the kind and innocent witches of Britain are facing a wicked foe. Can Joe and his young friend Twiggy put an end to the cunning plot, or will they, like their witchy friends, find the baffling mystery too hard to solve?

Have you read any of these? What were your thoughts? What are you currently reading and hoping to pick up next? Leave a comment or link your own WWW Wednesdays below for me to check out!

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