Friday 8 October 2021

September 2021 Reading Wrap Up

Ok, so the fixed TBR thing didn't work as I only read 6 books in September and none of them were physical books. Anyone else struggle with finding the time and motivation to pick up your current read, I just seem to gravitate towards other things at the minute. (But i'm still buying books 😬). I'm not even going to bother saying 'I hope next month is better cause we're a week in and I still haven't finished anything so let's just skip to the wrap up 😂.


Locke & Key by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

This was an incredibly entertaining audiobook (although extremely long, it took me almost a month to finish it) that had me gripped. The voice cast is incredible and the amount of work that went into the production is so evident, this was such an immersive, high quality listening experience. I have watched the first season of the Netflix show which is how I know about this series but I will say that I agree with some reviewers who felt that this probably works better as a companion to the physical graphic novels as sometimes I did feel a little out of the loop. 

This one was a random library borrow that caught my eye whilst browsing and I ended up enjoying it a fair bit. It follows a 17 year old girl in 60's Yorkshire and is essentially her coming of age story about figuring out her future and the people in her life. I liked the writing style, it was witty and it had a lot of heart. I did find it sometimes got a little melodramatic especially with the character of her dad's new fiancée which became tedious at times. It was fun though and I appreciated a YA novel with zero love interests in sight!

To Break a Covenant by Alison Ames   

I jumped at the chance to take part in the blog tour for this atmospheric, spooky YA novel about a small town haunted by a past mine accident and all the weird stuff that happens to anyone who ventures down there. Focusing on a group of teenage girls (loved the friendships in here!) and their experience with the strange phenomena, this was such a fun read that deserves so much more hype. I especially loved the interspersed transcripts of  dialogue of various ghost hunting shows that have visited the town in the past. It gave us a deeper insight into the community and the residents. You can read my full review (plus my inspired playlist) here.            

The Wolf's Curse by Jessica Vitalis

My second blog tour of the month was this fantasy middle grade about a 12 year old boy who is 'cursed' with the ability to see a wolf and cast out by his community as the wolf is seen as an omen of death. Accused of controlling the wolf and being behind the deaths in town, he goes on the run and must attempt to clear his name. This was a beautifully told story that handles death and grief incredibly well, it had me so emotional by the ending. The narrator took me a little while to get used to but it's such a clever choice by the author, the characters are precious and overall this is a story that will stick with me. You can read my full review here.  

Dust & Grim by Chuck Wendig  

My last blog tour of the month and another middle grade, this one's a horror/fantasy from bestselling author Chuck Wendig in his middle grade debut. Two rival siblings are thrown together when Molly comes looking for her inheritance and finds her brother running a monster mortuary on their family estate. In an attempt to get her money Molly unleashes a rogue creature into the cemetery and now the siblings must team up to prevent a disaster. Enjoyable and funny, it definitely had a lot going for it. I just wanted to learn more about the actual funeral business but the book seemed to steer away from that side of the plot. You can read my full review here.      

All Eyes on Us by Kit Frick

My last read of the month was a YA thriller, similar to Pretty Little Liars, that was available to read on Audible that I chose cause I'd been in a thriller mood. I've struggled with how to rate this, I keep going between a 2.5 and a 3 star rating as a lot of this book was fairly meh for me. I wasn't overly fussed about the characters or the plot really, the dual perspective is interesting but I just wasn't invested enough. The side plot of Rosalie hiding her sexuality due to her religion was possibly the most interesting part which shouldn't be the case in a thriller. Everything was just fine for me right down to the ending. I'd be up for giving Kit Frick's other books a shot though cause her writing style wasn't the problem. 

September was fine in terms of reading, I just hope this semi-slump doesn't continue for much longer! What did you read in September? Leave a comment below. Happy Reading!

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