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Sunday Post | 16/06/2024

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I don't think anyone actually even reads this blog anymore but hey, here I am shouting into the void again. I seem to only be able to find motivation to blog at the weekends now. I'm too exhausted when I get home from to work to even do much besides have my dinner, possibly watch a bit of TV or go see a film and maybe read a bit. So I've decided this post is going to be more of a bi-weekly thing instead of every Sunday just to space things out a bit. 

I can't believe we're already in June though. How are we halfway through the year already?? I'm looking forward to some warmer weather (although the UK doesn't seem to be delivering on it at the moment) and getting out a bit more. One thing i'm not looking forward to over the next few months is SPIDER SEASON 😭. I'm dreading it. Hate it when they all start emerging cause they have a penchant for crawling over my floor and bed.

Some other things that I've been doing lately is possibly finding a new job? I really like my job but lately I've been struggling with my nursery setting and feeling like it's all just not worth it. I don't know, I love the kids but the role itself is so hard with little reward. I've looked at a few positions that are still child based but not nursery nurse roles. I've also looked into doing a night class to get my GCSE science (I only got a D and you need a C...) so I can eventually apply for the PGCE course and become a teacher which was my original plan before I went to university and basically threw my degree away.    

★ I finished Throwback by Maurene Goo on Friday. A super fun YA time travel romp, that follows a Korean-American teenager traveling back in time to help her mum win homecoming queen. I loved all the 90s references and it had a lot of poignant moments about the relationship between mothers and daughters. 

★ I'm currently reading My Murder by Katie Williams which at the moment is kind of bizarre but in the best way possible. I went into this completely blind which is probably the best way to do it so I won't give anything away. I'm just about to hit the halfway mark and right now all I want to do is curl up somewhere with my kindle to read more of it, it's soo good!      


Two weeks ago, me and my sister went to go see the Grease tour perform in Liverpool which was an amazing show! We grabbed a bite to eat at The Botanist first; I had a club sandwich with chunky chips, a banoffee sundae and a rhubarb and blackberry cooler to drink. The food was delicious! I bought the Grease tickets for my sister for Christmas cause she loves the film and it was so much fun, the atmosphere inside the theatre was incredible and I loved singing along during the finale. My sister has seen it before but I'll admit I was confused when some songs got sung out of order and the fact that there's no T-Birds (!!!) as I'm just so used to the film. The cast were fab though and I'd definitely recommend it!     

Me and my brother are also playing catch up with our Odeon limitless pass as we've been slacking of late about going to see films and haven't really been getting our money's worth. We've seen;

★ The Fall Guy - 3/5

Fun action comedy. The script was very cringe but the action scenes were really entertaining and it had so many of my favourite actors in it. I had a good time and it got a few laughs from me! Probably my fave of the three.

★ IF - 3/5

My sister had already seen this and she said she cried so I was expecting to get emotional but it just didn't quite hit the spot for me. It's a really sweet story and I loved the musical number in the middle, I just didn't love it as much as I wanted to.    

★ Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga - 3.5/5

OK, so my brother is a big fan of these films but I'll admit I haven't seen any of them 😬 It was a prequel so I didn't feel totally clueless or anything. The cinematography was cool, I liked how some shots were sped up at times. I also liked the action scenes and Anya Taylor-Joy's performance. Overall though, not one I think I'd ever re-watch. 

I've been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift over the least few weeks. I mean that's nothing new, I'm pretty much always listening to her. But it's taken me this long to fully get in to TTPD. I wasn't super into it when I first heard it but the more I listen the more I love it. My Boy Only Breaks His Favourite Toys, loml and The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived are my current favourites but they are very interchangeable. 

I'm, also completely obsessed with this new release from Remember Monday. They're a UK country/pop girl group who are so fab and this song has been on repeat ALL WEEKEND!

I'm still slightly bitter that I never got a chance to get tickets for the Eras tour (didn't even manage a waitlist spot) but my TikTok FYP is just a constant stream of outfit reveals and videos of people at the UK shows and I'm loving it. It's so much fun seeing everyone so excited to see her that it kind of makes up for me to not being able to go myself! Still gonna be devastated when she inevitably plays my favourites as surprise songs though...  

I'm also using all my self restraint not to buy these new Loungefly bags cause they're so pretty I want to cry but alas, I have no money! 

Let me know what you've been up to this week with a comment, whether it's reading, watching or just life, I'd love to know! Happy Reading!   

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