Thursday 16 November 2017

My Favourite Christmas Adverts

It's officially November which means it's pretty much Christmas and therefore time to start getting into the festive mood. It's also that time when all the Christmas adverts are released and it's honestly one of my favourite parts of the build up to Christmas. The John Lewis advert pretty much kicks off when everybody can start getting excited but whilst watching this years advert, I started thinking back on all my favourite Christmas adverts that have been released over the past few years and I decided to share them with you.

5. Coming Home For Christmas | Heathrow Airport (2017)

Here's me not even realising Heathrow Airport even did Christmas adverts but I came across this one and just thought it was completely adorable. It's only short but it actually made me tear up a little bit towards the end.

4. #FirstChristmas | Children's Hospice (2017)

This one is a tearjerker. I cam across this one on youtube and it's probably the most emotional I've got about a Christmas advert this year. It's a beautiful message and having lost my nan earlier this year it's going to be tough having the first christmas without her.


3. The Greatest Gift | Sainsbury's (2016)

I remember watching this when it was released last year and just thinking wow. It's amazing just thinking about the amount of work that probably went into making this advert. James Corden is fantastic and it's really uplifting with beautiful animation.

2. 1914 | Sainsbury's (2014)

This one always sticks on my mind when I think about Christmas adverts and I always come back to watch it every year. I thought it was wonderful of Sainsbury's to use a piece of history that we all know in order to reinforce their message. It's another one that makes me cry due to knowing these events actually happened.

1. The Long Wait | John Lewis (2011)

My absolute favourite. I just love how we think he's impatient because he can't wait for his presents but really it's because he can't wait to give presents to his family. It's such a sweet story. I also think the music used in this advert is absolutely beautiful.    

Are any of these on your favourite Christmas adverts list? Is there any that i've missed that you think deserves more attention? Please let me know in the comments! 

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